Cooking Spring Holiday Foods

Hi, I’m Donna Karlsons with the USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Service.

Spring celebrations can often feature foods we don’t prepare as often during the year, so here are some food safety tips to help you keep food borne illness from ruining your party. As with any food preparation, always beginwith the basics: clean, separate, cook, and chill. Clean your hands often with soap and warm water and clean all surfaces and utensils with soap and hot water.

Keep raw foods separate from uncooked meats by using separate cutting boards and servers. And cook foods to a safe minimum internaltemperatures and chill leftovers promptly. If eggs are part of your celebration, store them inthe carton in your refrigerator at 40 °F orbelow. Eggs will keep good quality for 3-5 weeks fromthe date you purchase them. Many springtime celebrations call for hardcooking eggs. Cook the eggs until the yolks are firm, cool themin cold running water, and refrigerate them within 2hours. At this point you can make deviled eggs or dye them. If you’re going to dye the eggs and hide them,they’ll still be safe to eat – IF you hide them in clean places, and retrieve them within 2 hours. Shorten that to one hour in hot weather.

You may also want to consider using plastic eggs for the hunt. If you know the eggs have been at room temperaturefor longer than two hours, or if there is any doubt,throw them out. Some typical meats for spring celebrationsinclude ham, pork tenderloin, turkey breastand corned beef. Pork, Ham, and beef should reach a safe minimuminternal temperature of 145 degrees F as measuredwith a food thermometer before removing the meatfrom the heat source. For safety and quality allow meat to rest for atleast 3 minutes before carving or consuming. Turkey breast should reach a safe minimum internaltemperature of 165 degrees F. After the meal, slice the leftovers and store in shallow containers in the refrigerator promptly.

Don’t let the meat or eggs sit out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. The leftovers will be safe in the refrigerator for 3to 4 days. If you don’t serve the meats within the 3 to 4days, you should freeze them. Make sure your freezer is at 0 °F. Apply the same guidelines for ham, turkey breast orother spring seasoned meats. If you have food safety questions, “AskKaren” atAskKaren. gov. Or, call USDA’s Meat & Poultry Hotline at 1-888-MP-Hotline. Both are available in English and Spanish.

Or visit USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection website.

Let’s keep on with the good food. This one is from my favorite place, New Orleans. Live from the French Quarter, this is Eyewitness Morning News. *music playing in background*Sallie:And just ahead we’re looking forward to continuing our healthy holiday cooking series. Try these dishes anytime!

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Healthy Holiday Cooking with Chef Chip Flanagan: Vegetable Side Dishes_11.5.13


Holiday Cooking Safety

“A cooking fire can turn a holiday feast into a family tragedy, by making safety part ofthe Thanksgiving dinner recipe; cooks can avoid preventable cooking fires and keep thecelebration joyful. ” Here are some tips to keep your family safe from cooking fires: * Stay in the kitchen while food is cooking. Most kitchen fires occur because food is leftunattended. Turn off the burner if you have to leave. * Keep a fire extinguisher in thekitchen in case of an emergency and know how to use it. * Keep smoke alarms connected whilecooking. It can be tempting to disable smoke detectors, especially if they are triggeredeasily. However, smoke alarms can save lives. Make sure smoke alarms are installed and working. * Be extremely cautious if using a turkey fryer. They can pose serious burn and firehazards. If you decide to use a turkey fryer this Thanksgiving, be extremely cautious andread all the safety tips at cpsc. gov==== Transcribed by Automatic Sync Technologies ====


Self Publishing Wealth Summit Overview| Self Publishing Wealth Summit

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How to Self-Publish Comics & Cartoons | Manga

Suppose that you have a graphic novel that
you want to do; a manga graphic novel that
you really believe in. But you’re having trouble.
Publishers aren’t that interested in it, or,
maybe they are, but you want complete control
over your creative vision. You might consider
Now, there are two ways to do that right now.
Electronically, or in print. Print has some
real challenges, if you’re going to go that
route. With print, you have to take returns
from the store. They send it back to you if
no one buys it. You have to ship it to them.
You have to make it, which is even more expensive.
And the worst of all, most retail bookstores
will not stock on the shelves, a self-published
book. Why? They have just so much shelf space,
and no more. They need to make sure that every
author’s book that they put on that shelf,
is a good selling author with a track record,
if they can help it.
However, on the other hand, in cyberspace,
there is no bookshelf. Retailers can stock
everything they want to. There’s space for
you. There’s usually not that resistance.
You don’t have to ship anything to anybody.
You don’t have to take returns. It’s cheaper
to make than a print book. And instead of
taking a year, or a year and a half for it
to get produced and published, an e-book can
get made and published in months.
Many online retail stores, even very, very
big ones, will stock your e-book, even if
it’s self-published. But in cyberspace, there’s
unlimited shelf-space, so you have a better
shot of being listed. Now if I were to go
the electronic way, what I would suggest first,
is try to serialize your graphic novel on
a website. That way, you can get feedback
from your readers. You can adjust it, change
it a little bit, maybe discover that they
like Character A more than Character B, and
maybe try to feature that one more.
You know, this is the wave of the future,
especially for comics, because there always
have been successful self-published comic
book authors, whether it’s manga or American
So, these are several options, I hope this
has been helpful.


Self Publishing vs Traditional Book Deals (how to chose)

Hi, it’s Kathy from get a book deal 101. Okay, so you’ve got a book that you want to publish, but there’s so much noise outthere so muchinformation, so many possibilities as far as the way you can go about getting yourbook published,that it can be a bit confusing. It can be overwhelming. And, quite frankly,some of the information out there can be a bit misleading. So, how do you make thedecision?Well, I think it’s pretty simple if you start by asking yourselfwhat is it that you want to accomplish with this book? What’s yourgoal for publishing this book? If you look at it in that waythe route that you’re going to take, self-publishedor traditional book route, becomes very clear. Here’s what I mean by that:If your goal is to share the work that you have just sweat and toiled,, and are soproud ofwith your family and friends, then by all means, you might want to considerself-publishing. Upload that puppy right now to Amazon or to kindle and sit backin bask in the glory in the love and praise that you’re gonna receive,from those people that already know and are proud of you. But you might want to consider going the traditional book routeif your goal is to reach the wider audience, other than those people thatyou already know. If your goal is, for instance, maybe to become a full-time writer,for this book to be the first to many, to do that, you’re gonna wanna be seen bymore than just your family and friends. Or, let’s say, maybe you want to use this book to help build your career inanother way. Maybe it’s not to be a writer, but you want to build your speakingrates, or get more speaking gigs, or build your consulting rate, or use your book tobuild your brand or your business. If that’s the case then you may want to consider going the traditionalbook route. Here’s why I say this, the sad truth is that the average self published writeronly sells between one hundred and 150 books. That’s it. They only earn about five hundred dollarson their book. that’s the average writer. Now if you wanna beabove average, when it comes to self-publishing, that of course is apossibility. But you’re really going to need to have two things. The firstis some money to support your book. Because if you self-publish,and you want to do average for better than average,you’re gonna need to make sure that that book is also better than average. It needs to be better than what else is currently availableon Amazon or Kindle or wherever you choose to self-publish. Guy Kawasaki in his new book “APE author publisherentrepreneur” explains that to self-publish successfully,he says you should expect to spend about four thousand dollars. He says if you want your book to actually sellit’s going to need to be as good as a book that is traditionally published. And that means that you’re going to need to have it but professionallyedited and you’re gonna need to have your cover professionally designed,at a bare minimum. Keep in mind Guy’s book is a bookpromoting self publishing so he’s certainly not trying to discourageanyone. He feels he’s giving the truth and the facts. So if you’reif you want to self-publish you want to sell more than just your family andfriendsthe first thing you’re probably gonna need is some money to get that done. the second thing that you’re going to need is some seriouschops when it comes to selling content online. you’re gonna need to know how to move the product how to market a producthow to promote your products online. and that’s really where most self-publishedauthor small short. they don’t have the savvyto move that book to get the buzz going behind that bookbut again if your goal is to be read by your inner circle by your family andfriends then you don’t need to worry about that self-publishingis your option. so if your goal is to be read by a wider audience and let’s talkjust a minute about what it meansto go the traditional background and let’s start with the fact that therumors that the publishing industry is deadare simply rumors. There are still book deals getting done. There are still book deals getting written for first-time writers. And they’re getting written every day. in the first six months of this year230 first-time writers got book deals. That’s almost two writers, every business day. that’s two writers a day that gota traditional but deal. And what that means is a publisheris putting a professional editor behind that bppl. professional cover designerbehind that book,a sales and marketing team behind that book. it means getting in advance checkand royalties paid on top of the advance if the book does well. it involves wider distribution and true credibility in saying that I haveactuallypublished a book. okay so to make the decision about whether you self-publishor whether you go the traditional book route, ask yourself first, what is my goal. But the second thing I wanted to ask yourself was what went through your mindwhen I saidtwo writers I day are getting that deals?if what went through your mind was this writer’s just won the lottery,then you should probably self-published. But if what went through your mind waswait a minute,I could be one of those writers. my book is good enough. my platform is strong enough. my writing is strong enough. Then I think you should consider going the traditional for you’re out if that’sthe way you want to gothat I would love to teach you how to get it done. and I do that through a freevideo training seriesif you’re interested in learning what are the steps in the book deal processWhat do agents do? how do they make that deal happen? what goes into a winningquery letter?Then just drop your email in the box below the studio and I’ll see on the firstvideo.


Tahir Shah: On the Benefits of Self Publishing

chilled we will always pray he had
if we didn’t for the pack if we didn’t
do what everybody else was doing it
and this Sunday this so want
my father sunny that I trying to bring
true my
fresh I’m following projects that I
turned down goal didn’t find interesting
because I knew you
they were away to the back door not
through the front door
where everyone else was heading for in
the last 2-3 years
the country decision with conventional
posh mall the mall that is brought books
through bookshops the last century
of and I had rain
this is all timbuktu and I didn’t get it
I which you the you should establish
through I decided to write it
on spec and I’m finally cases
vision Tosh myself it’s quite a
different process
she herself and I’m they certainly
twists and turns
and a huge CC then her but it’s been so
amazing amazing hi process let
extraordinary amounts the most
amazing call mister she your own work
is you have control and that is the one
thing that I think most writers
retract know when he signed the big box
wanna big posh name-brand published was
you lose all intro they tell you I
world be when you read the book HR top
and the release when they like have a
where army handle s
said with 2002 I produces
the book I wanted every calmer
pre-sentence every you know NTSB
game chapter is exactly how I wanted it
for the first time I’m
you say and getting well the book I
right beyond that I’m designed to put
with rash my Russia graphic design she
sent back
sign wrote on its design cheese follows
I back science schools still we
created from the ground up a book that
we are proud I have you know the SSA
with very very beautiful and yes there
are being
you know difficulties may have
difficulty whole process was finally a
who could handle this every day re
get it a lot of attention and giving me
the book I wanted and I content
princes think 12:30 countries
and to traffic love well search
for great painter finally Jojo found
who I’m could do the why I wanted
and they pts did
who haven’t seen it happen my name’s
fine of I’m
tackle revealed their their base and
their go
and then of course had to organize I
champagne the hook and warehousing in
the United States
Britain as I actual distribution and I’m
concentrating on
internet issues announce I see bookshops
as posse this dinosaur sister that
Wis I the hand in hand with published
you know these pushups are kinda Joe
my in my opinion the both little tired
dusty hantaan
they that done boutros place
dead books and a thats 3
fact my my way had this project
to project and then with her this city
i’ve seen this report still getting used
and there is very he said is this she
anniversary all road access first this
timbuktu time when the whole your
the world success with get conducted
Sakhi what they believed to be an
I encourage all levels Press to publish
sell Scentsy goes into she called all
to hola copies printed life to finished
scraped together do that preview bogey
for look at this a a book called
by Joe law house printed sir
he sold a million copies five months any
here he wasn’t sure it sells
say so I see dynamic changing
any good way s and it will get it back
this time hands be amazed
the hell out national publish and then
more to rule our lives
so law

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