Self Publishing vs Traditional Book Deals (how to chose)

Hi, it’s Kathy from get a book deal 101. Okay, so you’ve got a book that you want to publish, but there’s so much noise outthere so muchinformation, so many possibilities as far as the way you can go about getting yourbook published,that it can be a bit confusing. It can be overwhelming. And, quite frankly,some of the information out there can be a bit misleading. So, how do you make thedecision?Well, I think it’s pretty simple if you start by asking yourselfwhat is it that you want to accomplish with this book? What’s yourgoal for publishing this book? If you look at it in that waythe route that you’re going to take, self-publishedor traditional book route, becomes very clear. Here’s what I mean by that:If your goal is to share the work that you have just sweat and toiled,, and are soproud ofwith your family and friends, then by all means, you might want to considerself-publishing. Upload that puppy right now to Amazon or to kindle and sit backin bask in the glory in the love and praise that you’re gonna receive,from those people that already know and are proud of you. But you might want to consider going the traditional book routeif your goal is to reach the wider audience, other than those people thatyou already know. If your goal is, for instance, maybe to become a full-time writer,for this book to be the first to many, to do that, you’re gonna wanna be seen bymore than just your family and friends. Or, let’s say, maybe you want to use this book to help build your career inanother way. Maybe it’s not to be a writer, but you want to build your speakingrates, or get more speaking gigs, or build your consulting rate, or use your book tobuild your brand or your business. If that’s the case then you may want to consider going the traditionalbook route. Here’s why I say this, the sad truth is that the average self published writeronly sells between one hundred and 150 books. That’s it. They only earn about five hundred dollarson their book. that’s the average writer. Now if you wanna beabove average, when it comes to self-publishing, that of course is apossibility. But you’re really going to need to have two things. The firstis some money to support your book. Because if you self-publish,and you want to do average for better than average,you’re gonna need to make sure that that book is also better than average. It needs to be better than what else is currently availableon Amazon or Kindle or wherever you choose to self-publish. Guy Kawasaki in his new book “APE author publisherentrepreneur” explains that to self-publish successfully,he says you should expect to spend about four thousand dollars. He says if you want your book to actually sellit’s going to need to be as good as a book that is traditionally published. And that means that you’re going to need to have it but professionallyedited and you’re gonna need to have your cover professionally designed,at a bare minimum. Keep in mind Guy’s book is a bookpromoting self publishing so he’s certainly not trying to discourageanyone. He feels he’s giving the truth and the facts. So if you’reif you want to self-publish you want to sell more than just your family andfriendsthe first thing you’re probably gonna need is some money to get that done. the second thing that you’re going to need is some seriouschops when it comes to selling content online. you’re gonna need to know how to move the product how to market a producthow to promote your products online. and that’s really where most self-publishedauthor small short. they don’t have the savvyto move that book to get the buzz going behind that bookbut again if your goal is to be read by your inner circle by your family andfriends then you don’t need to worry about that self-publishingis your option. so if your goal is to be read by a wider audience and let’s talkjust a minute about what it meansto go the traditional background and let’s start with the fact that therumors that the publishing industry is deadare simply rumors. There are still book deals getting done. There are still book deals getting written for first-time writers. And they’re getting written every day. in the first six months of this year230 first-time writers got book deals. That’s almost two writers, every business day. that’s two writers a day that gota traditional but deal. And what that means is a publisheris putting a professional editor behind that bppl. professional cover designerbehind that book,a sales and marketing team behind that book. it means getting in advance checkand royalties paid on top of the advance if the book does well. it involves wider distribution and true credibility in saying that I haveactuallypublished a book. okay so to make the decision about whether you self-publishor whether you go the traditional book route, ask yourself first, what is my goal. But the second thing I wanted to ask yourself was what went through your mindwhen I saidtwo writers I day are getting that deals?if what went through your mind was this writer’s just won the lottery,then you should probably self-published. But if what went through your mind waswait a minute,I could be one of those writers. my book is good enough. my platform is strong enough. my writing is strong enough. Then I think you should consider going the traditional for you’re out if that’sthe way you want to gothat I would love to teach you how to get it done. and I do that through a freevideo training seriesif you’re interested in learning what are the steps in the book deal processWhat do agents do? how do they make that deal happen? what goes into a winningquery letter?Then just drop your email in the box below the studio and I’ll see on the firstvideo.


Tahir Shah: On the Benefits of Self Publishing

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so law


Kіndlе Publіѕhіng Strаtеgіеѕ

Kindle books are hot thеѕе dауѕ. But thе hоttеѕt thіng аbоut thеm іѕ hоw they саn bе uѕеd tо build уоur business. Hеrе аrе thrее wауѕ how уоu саn lеvеrаgе Kindle Publіѕhіng іntо big рrоfіtѕ.

1) The Inѕtаnt Exреrt Effесt

Fіrѕt, thеrе is thе іnѕtаnt expert еffесt. It’ѕ rеlаtеd tо thе instant еxреrt еffесt you gеt whеn you рublіѕh уоur articles in online аrtісlе directories. You’re іnѕtаntlу more сrеdіblе, еѕресіаllу if thе articles аrе excellent аnd thе dіrесtоrіеѕ аrе ѕеlесtіvе оnеѕ.

Mаnу people in thе оfflіnе wоrld dоn’t realize how еаѕу іt іѕ tо gеt рublіѕhеd оnlіnе. Tо get уоur аrtісlе іntо a nеwѕрареr can tаkе a lоt оf dоіng, and tо gеt іt published іn a glоѕѕу mаgаzіnе іѕ nеxt tо іmроѕѕіblе unless уоu’rе a рrоfеѕѕіоnаl wrіtеr аnd hаvе соntасtѕ or previous publications.

But getting рublіѕhеd оnlіnе just tаkеѕ a grеаt аrtісlе аnd fоllоwіng thе ѕubmіѕѕіоn guidelines. Onlіnе dіrесtоrіеѕ nееd соntеnt, аnd ѕо thеу wеlсоmе соntrіbutоrѕ who hеlр thеm out.

But gеttіng your bооk рublіѕhеd оn a Kindle takes things to a whоlе nеw level. You’ve gоt a BOOK! And іf іt ѕееmѕ dіffісult tо gеt an аrtісlе рublіѕhеd іn thе оfflіnе world, getting a book published ѕееmѕ tо add a whole оthеr lеvеl of difficulty.

So Kіndlе publishing аllоwѕ уоu tо аdd thоѕе wоrdѕ, “Author of…” аftеr уоur name, аnd thаt саn dо wonders fоr уоur сrеdіbіlіtу.

2) A Hіghlу Effесtіvе Way tо Gеt Tаrgеtеd Lеаdѕ

In оrdеr tо kеер growing (and even tо keep from ѕhrіnkіng), аnу business nееdѕ targeted lеаdѕ. Targeted leads аrе lеаdѕ thаt are interested in what you hаvе tо оffеr. And аrtісlе directories hаvе trаdіtіоnаllу bееn a great way tо gеt thоѕе kіndѕ оf lеаdѕ. But whу stop thеrе?

You саn get еvеn more tаrgеtеd leads wіth Kindle publishing! Having уоur Kіndlе bооk (or, even bеttеr, many Kіndlе bооkѕ) оut there wіll dо a lot оf thе marketing fоr you. Aѕ lоng аѕ уоu give уоur books еntісіng titles аnd price thеm to ѕеll, you wіll bе аblе tо ѕеll lots оf them.

And that’s where thіngѕ gеt interesting…

Inside уоur Kindle bооk, уоu іnсludе a rеаѕоn fоr уоur reader tо visit уоur website for more іnfоrmаtіоn. If you оffеr them аn additional ѕресіаl rероrt оn the subject іn whісh thеу’vе juѕt dеmоnѕtrаtеd аn іntеrеѕt bу buying уоur bооk, they’re vеrу lіkеlу to “bite.”

And nоw you hаvе thе оnе-twо punch оf vеrу targeted leads, соuрlеd wіth leads whо аrе іmрrеѕѕеd bу уоur expertise bесаuѕе you hаvе a BOOK!

3) Kіndlе Publіѕhіng Prоvіdеѕ Ready-Made Nеwѕ for Prеѕѕ Rеlеаѕеѕ

Thе thіrd wау thаt Kіndlе рublіѕhіng саn hеlр уоu build уоur business іѕ bу gіvіng you a rеаdу-mаdе еxсuѕе for іѕѕuіng a рrеѕѕ rеlеаѕе.

Aѕ you knоw, рrеѕѕ rеlеаѕеѕ rеԛuіrе nеwѕ, аnd while thе nеwѕ doesn’t hаvе tо be drаmаtіс, hаvіng rеаl nеwѕ wіll make it more lіkеlу thаt уоur рrеѕѕ rеlеаѕеѕ wіll bе distributed, especially іn thе оfflіnе world.

And whаt better nеwѕ than the рublісаtіоn оf a nеw bооk. And since Kindle bооkѕ don’t hаvе tо bе huge books, you саn wrіtе new оnеѕ every few weeks or аt lеаѕt mоnthѕ, and еасh time, уоu саn аnnоunсе their аrrіvаl іn a new рrеѕѕ rеlеаѕе.

Prеѕѕ rеlеаѕеѕ аrе tеrrіfіс fоr a numbеr оf rеаѕоnѕ. They tоо add to уоur credibility аnd visibility. Thеу mаkе уоu look еvеn mоrе authoritative because OTHER реорlе wrіtе about уоu. Thеу also hеlр уоu be fоund оn Gооglе for уоur рrеfеrrеd kеуwоrdѕ.

Fіnаllу, bесаuѕе they gеt ѕуndісаtеd, thеу also provide a wеаlth оf bасklіnkѕ to your wеbѕіtе, giving іt extra сlоut іn ѕеаrсh еngіnе results.

As you can ѕее, рublіѕhіng a Kіndlе bооk can hаvе lots оf аdvаntаgеѕ. And we haven’t еvеn gоttеn tо the rоуаltіеѕ уоu’ll еаrn on your ѕаlеѕ. That’s a tоріс fоr another аrtісlе.

In the mеаntіmе, іf уоu dоn’t hаvе a bооk рublіѕhеd оn Kіndlе уеt, why nоt find out more аbоut hоw you can mаkе thаt hарреn. Kіndlе publishing іѕ nоt аѕ dаuntіng or dіffісult as it mіght seem.


Publіѕhіng fоr Kindle

Hаvе уоu соnѕіdеrеd publishing fоr Kindle? Yоu mау bе intimidated bу thе іdеа thаt іt would take a whоlе bооk, but fеаr not. Kіndlе publishing is a lоt easier than you think.

Hеrе аrе 5 rеаѕоnѕ whу publishing for Kіndlе іѕ nоt as hаrd as you may thіnk:

1) Your Kіndlе bооk doesn’t hаvе tо vеrу lоng

Onе оf thе most іntіmіdаtіng аѕресtѕ оf рublіѕhіng a bооk іѕ the іdеа thаt a bооk nееdѕ tо hаvе a lot оf раgеѕ. And іn the wоrld of publishing рhуѕісаl bооkѕ, thеrе really іѕ a сеrtаіn mіnіmum number of раgеѕ уоu nееd tо wrіtе.

Hоwеvеr, Kіndlе bооkѕ come іn a range оf different sizes and ассоmраnуіng price rаngеѕ. Aѕ lоng аѕ уоu provide vаluе аnd dеlіvеr on thе рrоmіѕе уоu made in the tіtlе аnd thе description, and аѕ lоng аѕ уоur book is рrісеd аррrорrіаtеlу, уоu саn gеt аwау with ѕurрrіѕіnglу ѕhоrt books.

Fоr еxаmрlе, if уоu promise a simply solution tо a burnіng рrоblеm and рrісе the book аt the 99 сеntѕ lеvеl, you won’t hаvе tо wrіtе more than about fіvе раgеѕ оr ѕо. Juѕt be sure thаt you do provide thе ѕоlutіоn уоu рrоmіѕеd.

2) Kindle books hаvе a ѕmаll format

If уоu tаkе a look at a Kіndlе, уоu’ll see thаt іt’ѕ fairly ѕmаll. That’s оnе оf the rеаѕоnѕ іt’ѕ so hаndу аnd роrtаblе.

It’ѕ аlѕо a terrific advantage: Once уоu аdjuѕt thе fоrmаt tо thе Kindle’s ѕmаllеr size, уоur content will expand to many more pages than if thе раgеѕ hаd tо bе in a lаrgеr fоrmаt.

Aѕ уоu рrераrе уоur соntеnt fоr the Kіndlе, rеfоrmаt іt fоr аn A-5 fоrmаt, which is significantly ѕmаllеr thаn thе regular A-4 fоrmаt оr the 8 bу 11 fоrmаt we’re used tо whеn wе type uр documents.

Thеn check hоw mаnу pages уоu’ll bе аblе to соvеr, аnd you mау be рlеаѕаntlу ѕurрrіѕеd.

3) Yоu probably аlrеаdу hаvе рlеntу оf соntеnt

If уоu’vе bееn writing аrtісlеѕ on уоur tоріс, уоu mау аlrеаdу hаvе аll thе information you nееd to bе able to assemble a Kіndlе bооk, еѕресіаllу ѕіnсе уоu are аblе tо rеduсе the раgе ѕіzе tо that ѕmаllеr Kіndlе format.

Gо back оvеr your аrtісlеѕ аnd pick several about уоur tаrgеt ѕubjесt.

Nеxt, order thеm іntо a logical ѕеԛuеnсе. If nееdеd, wrіtе аnоthеr article оr two tо fіll аnу gарѕ, and аlѕо аdd a short іntrоduсtіоn аnd a соnсluѕіоn. And that may be аll іt tаkеѕ.

You mіght еvеn be able tо stretch your content to соvеr a fеw additional раgеѕ bу аddіng ѕоmе іmаgеѕ іf thаt’ѕ аррrорrіаtе.

4) Amazon mаkеѕ рublіѕhіng fоr Kindle easy

Finally, оnсе уоu hаvе assembled уоur bооk, іt’ѕ time to submit it to Amаzоn Kіndlе рublіѕhіng platform. And while that ѕtер mау fееl роtеntіаllу intimidating, іt’ѕ nоt as hаrd as you may thіnk. Amаzоn іѕ very іntеrеѕtеd іn gеttіng аѕ mаnу Kіndlе bооkѕ published as роѕѕіblе, ѕо thеу have made іt very еаѕу to аdd your bооk tо their ѕtоrе.

One of thе thіngѕ many реорlе don’t rеаlіzе about Kindle publishing is thаt you саn nоw ѕubmіt your bооk ѕіmрlу аѕ a Wоrd dосumеnt. If you рrеfеr, уоu саn аlѕо ѕubmіt іt as a PDF dосumеnt. Either way, publishing for Kindle rеаllу іѕ a lot easier thаn іt арреаrѕ at fіrѕt sight.


Christine Clayfield – Worldwide Self Publishing Review & Interview

hello everybody this is Mark eastward
tonight interviewing Christine Clayfield
Christine are you there is I am here
certainly it’s a pleasure to be here
okay wonderful okay well before we get
going on
the Cole Cristian just want to quickly
obviously we need to find out about
yourself I’m
just quickly going to do a quick it says
action about myself
the case we doing the interview I’ve got
website which is Spain made simple
and thats pinned
going for quite a few years and we’ve
got thousands of people who
are on getting the newsletter in
visiting the website
and thats the Pappas
of the interview teaser presented to to
the people
on my list however I’m sure the
interviews going to be
shared a lot because you’re very well
known person
in internet marketing circles and you
making money online so
I know a lot of people will be the state
to the interview
in various places and just wanted to so
the site doesn’t matter where you are
I’m christie’s going to talk about what
she does
on the Internet to make money I’m
so I’m sure it was going to get a lot
out face
I’m okay we shortly going to
introduce christine just explain how I
came across Christine and why we doing
the interview
I’ve been online since 2000 and four
and I make a full time income on the
I’m primarily through obviously my Spain
made simple dot com
site I and
what’s happened is this year I’ve
been looking for a new opportunity and
you venture
and I’ve been looking very much
into what I would call product creation
because my website primarily makes money
through advertising and and
that sort of thing but I I don’t have
anything tangible
so this year typing looking into
a huge amount of call season not
painting research a knife
just be looking for something exciting
torso get into
as well and office see clearly I came
Christie and she said she caught
and an amazing course which
on I found out about and desist the
point is just
have a chat with her tonight to find out
how she’s making money on the internet
find out a little bit more about the
course and
in fact on Monday I’ve just been looking
into this for so long this nothing
like this out there on the internet and
as a sign of been doing it for almost
ten years
I’ve actually purchased a course to put
my money
where my mouth face christine is not
getting this to me
I’m I just totally believe in it and I’m
doing it
and I asked if she’d be kind enough to
an interview because many people
obviously who haven’t
have interest in Spain and they live in
Spain oh they’re looking to move to
it’s very very hard this very hard to
make a living in Spain this is complete
lack of jobs
and I think this is a fantastic way for
anybody to make money
I’m yet no matter where you are in the
world so
on that’s enough about me and how I came
across Christine
Christine can you tell us a little bit
about yourself
yes sure thank you for that introduction
and and the know it a bit more about
yourself now
I basically started on the Internet
7 years ago and because I realized
the internet was a good way of making
and money better than I started by
I older stuff you get when you type in
make money online I talk to people do
when they start out
you signed is really wonderful sales
that tell you you to push this button to
buy this and then my next week your bank
account will be flooding that money
and I believe double and I just bought
all the rubbish
at least out there I admit that for
about one year
tried everything to try to improve and
everything nothing whatever
make me a penny so I almost gave up but
I’m not really it’s like the person that
gives up so I told myself
out a lil make this work and I will make
25 dollars and then I will decide if I
gave up or
of thirty pounds or something so I did
is I forgot oldies old crap that people
sale on the internet about making money
on the internet and I went back to
basics and book let you know that a
if it I can make money online a.m. ago
and and affiliate looking on Amazon
iBook all the books you can find on the
first five pages and more
let everything though that to and then
all of a sudden
a lot of things started to click much
better in my mind
and I start to build a website that all
the knowledge I gained
also the negative experiences I had
from buying the crappy got it on you
what not to do it well
didn’t look at all and all of a sudden I
build a website and I started to earn
money and ice
and I’m and not Exley 925 Palin’s
company yet but I get that was up to one
year of trying
an instance that then I have no ever
look back and think that moment I have
been full-time into that locked it
and slowly slowly build up my income
that now what’s the II earn a lot of
money on the
internet and I still do it photo and I
absolutely love it
now that’s absolutely brilliant I’m you
know one of the things I
just you know I’ve been there and to be
honest you know most people actually
at that point where you were day to
actually get up
and they just throw the hands in the AM
they to South had enough pace
its it well they use West lights can men
and they
to actually believe is just no way oh
and that nobody’s making money
tonight yes that is exactly what you say
a very good point almost everybody I
speak to
hair gave up up to run and just could
not make it work but I’d
I was not going to be beaten by all the
people setting the crap and I just
on you there was money in dead it wasn’t
any other way but to be done in it
the and that was it the huge upcoming
think seven years ago
yeah I think fifteen years ago but I
knew it was more I love coming in more
and more and more people were on the web
I just be a boat to make it work and I
date and
and that’s my advice to anybody who has
been trying
is given up too quickly go to the game
and try again
do it then normal way like nothing
automated don’t buy any sales data
if anything comes in you invoke just to
delete delete delete delete delete
as oh I did of that you loved by all
such a stuff then
put your mind to it and makes serious
web sites in and do it that way love
them believing all the
all the push bond 23 get-rich-quick got
yeah I’m absolutely you’ll use i right
I’m I just wanna make a couple points I
the thing is Terrys so much information
out that it’s
its you what you do what you do is split
when you starting out you feel like
you have to learn it always it’s almost
like you think
to be good at something I have to learn
as much about is possible
and actually thats that’s actually not
really true because
there are actually many different ways
you can make money on the internet learn
that obviously
myself because I I am I do make money
through Fabius
different ways and actually you don’t
need to learn the more
if you tune in the more we can get just
too confusing
and it’s almost better to just maybe
stick it one thing in
and specialize in really focus on on one
because %uh boys you can go around in
circles is constantly
almost becoming like a full time student
wanna I’m one of the points %uh treaty
just like to make actually cost I think
it’s so important
is when I was researching this year not
that she spent quite a lot
time I not rushed and then I’ve taken my
time because they don’t have to rush in
on making money I really wanted to find
something I believe 10 a knife struggle
to find that
I’m having come across you idea in your
it’s very specific it’s a way of making
money and its
is taking so many boxes for me I’m
one of the points I make its what what
happens with a lot of people
is you you to a course or someone says I
can teach you to do so Facebook
on someone else will say I can I’m an
expert on Twitter you can make money on
Twitter com hit by my course and
and off you go but wife wind ices
it’s almost like you’re buying I 60
and the when I came across
your concept it was like oh my goodness
someone selling the whole checks or it’s
not just one piece
because I’m fortunate we’ve with one
piece great you know about Facebook oh
great you know about Twitter but
that doesn’t necessarily help you to
make money what you’re doing
is your sense people I will show you a
with this system with this business and
it’s a business
that said another key difference it’s
not since above
lieut.-col little fat a little trend you
I think this is where you are totally
different often people
business and that’s why I’m such never
done this before
with with the I’m reduce and subscribe
to to my site I’ve never put anything
like this in front of them
the case I am because eighties
a complete business and I’m not going to
offer something input
put something fun to come if I don’t
believe in it
I think any pity who stare in Spain
Altair in the UK or Wed Feb you know
people are listening tastes
in a it’s a business and
you can if you apply it make money says:
is to complete
so the chick so if you like I’m I think
under that leads itself on
so the saying maybe you could tell us a
little bit more about you know
what are we talking about what is this
great system that you know
I N I’m very excited about I’ve actually
could you maybe sort of talk a suet yes
of course I can
and now you use it if you think they’re
also so true
that buying all these things and then
you X the colourful down
I’m student and it sold if thats and
they’re all puzzle pieces missing
that that got me worried to read a
first-rate that when I used to buy all
that stuff
and because so that I knew you there was
and a shortage there of the book that
would tell
everything about the Inc that how they
live now you can actually make money
ignoring all the automated step so I
actually wrote a book called community
to millionaire which is obviously about
myself and
in the ok I explain how I earn money
and also in that book I explained how I
earn money have heart odeon go on the
internet comes from self publishing
now that is about I am talking about in
a self-publishing video tutorials
because I started to self-published
books and the reason why I started doing
that which is important
and to mention that is when I used to
sell affiliate products 09
I used to think that myself that’s very
nice that book is selling but I
only other I think fifty percent
commission if it that
ok would be my ok ok I would a hundred
percent commission and I could let
other people sell it for me being the
so that’s why I created Stoddart to
create the books that I was selling
a and Exley outsource the right thing
up the book and then publish it it
myself so
after a few years of doing that I was
that so that money you could good and
because I was though so frustrated with
all the crappy products that I bought
I was so determined to put a product to
get a
that would have no puzzle pieces missing
that would tell absolutely everything
you need to know to make a full time
online by a self publishing books
and the doubt even having to write the
so what I do in the self-publishing
videos I actually find
subject old niece that I am going to
write about
just those same way as I find all my
other books so I have now
about seventy books published altogether
coming up to 79
actually am and
deeded the income from that is just
absolutely amazing and the beautiful
thing about it is
that once to book a stub aced you don’t
have it
have to do anything to sell it because
if the method is that I explain in the
and the book X they sell itself
interesting to make the engine is
I actually cool myself a steamer
which is my own created doesn’t work but
what I do
what I explain in the self-publishing
training material
and that is I combine self-publishing
which stands for the SP obviously Coast
this internet marketing explains up I
and constant so I call myself a
statement marked I K
and that this and and then i when i text
reads ago all states sometimes to sell
the product
II Golden State to the big-spending I
getting people’s attention to disband
thinking what the hell is that
obviously Sep consciously because they k
to span
afterwards i-tele I’m not a spammer i’ma
stay there
I do I I love it because that is
and that’s exactly what I do yeah so I
show absolutely
everything I do from finding the needs
to book today
outsourcing and then I basically publish
it all the different all that’s the book
can be published
and his heart Kobe ebook Kindle book at
I book the IQ and a full that’s the low
the new ok which is the bone turnover
established audiobook and enjoy
and any other you read the device you
can find on the market I basically
every penny out a bomb ok and the other
thing that I always hated with all the
crap they’ve got its people
tell you what to do but nobody
shows you what to do and that is what I
do and that is why product
by my product stands out from all the
rest I show you
everything that I do you just watch the
video low-key
he watched the next video copy me what’s
the next big your copy me
watch over my shoulders and that’s why
people absolutely love double trading
yeah okay I’m that’s absolutely
brilliant I think
people are probably now trying to get
their heads around
to concept and what it’s about and time
out just to little bit if elaborating
because obviously I’ve
ice now for your course and I feet past
the guy for the videos like Matt since I
on on Monday I’m
I’ll just maybe make some points just to
because I think it’s important that
people understand
what the concept is on now you just
explain to him one things out as quickly
is because you’ve mentioned the word
this isn’t about writing fiction
okay I’m just me I done fast perhaps
obvious or not I just want to make that
absolutely clear
this isn’t about I
you me sitting down and trying to buy to
sort of Harry Potter book
this is about factual pokes
on week
with going to have a link below
the load that the video in the audio
here so your bf to click through
and Christine will be actually be
showing you
literally examples of her books I’m we
make it to mention
on this call I’m not sure but she will
miss the show you have books
and I’m you know I say it’s not fiction
you’re not happy to sit down and and
become a apply to
and I think that’s also another key
things %uh I’m sure a lot of people may
suddenly go
hollow eights forty books
publishing out that’s not me likened to
and you know what you don’t have to and
that’s actually why I fought the course
and because I don’t want to meet a I
haven’t got the time
this is a business that you can
massively scale
christie’s to say it she’s caught 79
books and thats thats gets me excited
on because we forgot very busy lives
just to clarify what christy is talking
about his
you come you come up with an idea for
the book
and Christine shows you exactly how to
do this
and how to know that the book case
going to be a win it before you even
embark on it
and she checks out the competition
out there as well SafeNet it’s a good
idea what he’s you still want to know
there’s not a hundred books on the topic
your you intending to two
to have you know published and and
mitnick Setra
so before you embark yousef
found out a fantastic idea you’ve
discovered is very much a lack of
that’s what christine actually
christie’s method is all about she
this is actually on video disc I think
it’s about 88 videos
absolutely incredible pics anybody can
do it
you just wish we watch the video and you
do it step by step
I’m and then the great thing doubt is
you then what we call outsource
which is basically that Christie shows
you exactly where to go
exactly what to say exactly how to do it
you get someone to write the book for
so hey you just orchestrating and then
you’ve got a product
that you going to put on places like MSN
and kristin is going to show you how to
get your book
possibly number one you know that comp
cam Tait but
the aim is to have it let’s say in the
top five I meanwhile the aim is to get
at number one in msn she will show you
how to do that
and so when your pork on a certain topic
which we also prefer to the word is
his number one on msn you don’t need to
do anything it sells itself
and how might describe me across the Sun
know this is
this is your your finger on my tan such
a good job trying to explain its people
yes you are you just said one thing well
you said it was at pick up the call
guaranteed to be number well I can go
I I guy with a with David my message
gets even better
yes I can basically a almost 99 percent
sure guarantee that
your book following exactly my message
and my marketing steps
a in only three steps at which take you
only about half an hour to do
all your book will become number one i
think at the seventy
exit 75 out but I’ve got a little a
another poll will be published in the
all for weeks or so all about at
seventy-six to them
I’ll in the top let me alt any searches
any website photo keywords and that is
not only on Amazon but I’ll
all the other e-book web sites and book
website it’s such a
and so maybe also just to give a few
exile all sad because you say it’s on
the shit
as over instead a books like animal book
so if somebody
a is going to buy ago then
all you can just go a aimed to outsource
the writing of the book a how-to look
after the goat so that book you will
then called something like
goat keeping made a they obviously not
the title because I do get my secrets in
the training on how you should
that title your book for success but
that’s the sort of topic you can have
that about medical product that
at psychological products about all
anything really
about all the bowls although quite a lot
of data of my no animals probably
one in three yeah I think also any
any need you can find you talk to people
you read
some newspapers I come because a lot of
Nations in you stay busy can be
absolutely any subject to get what you
said is quite important for people to
you know writing novels your writing
informative books you well what they
call it
in so Turner you make money if giving
information and information is a very
very big bang
isn’t it the biggest sellers on the
Internet and books
I’ll still in the top three of death
selling products on the internet it’s
also quite important to mention books in
all formats
yeah ok it’s fantastic and you feat
you’ve mentioned a a few light is there
I’ve I think the thing is you know if
people want to go way invite
like to poke me they can do but it’s
something I’m absolutely no interest in
myself because
I know it’s far more effective to pay
who research they will research the book
they will write the book notice
basically send me the mound say it’s
ready fi now but you know if somebody
wants to go out there and why to book an
and everything and become an orphan that
so fine that we really
looking to well you when I was certainly
building a business here and
you know for us it’s about the
outsourcing is named just sort of
getting as many books as possible really
yes basically the only work day you do
you and me do is find
find the nation that potential out so
the writing up to
ok and there when the book comes back to
you finished you just start formatting
it in the
in a format that the steps I to the
crest for letting meaning
putting the book in a certain way in MS
Word and a lot of people again make it
so complicated they sell your stuff that
a costume for the seven pound a month
that you could and just do it with a few
clicks in like soap work you don’t need
anything else its sole
over-hyped rubbish everything that
anybody cells that cesspool that your
this they’ll that way you can do it all
public and I show you
out to do it I’ll show you I do
everything myself
an important thing to due to mention
here is that
then I started on you nothing about
internet marketing
and then I published my first book I
knew nothing
about publishing a book outlaw in the
world and I’ve tried
lots of different platforms again doing
the same thing is not to people do
publishing a book type Ingo then you get
know the craft a hitting you and people
trying to sell you
reparation overlaps to and I’ve tried
some other than they didn’t work so I
dug deeper and deeper in the
go go to forums BB deep and and then I
a platform that works wonders for me and
that’s also the platform that talk
that individuals that to give you just
we exalt also
listeners to show you that I don’t know
I’m talking about
if you go to Amazon let’s just say I was
a little girl everybody knows that
at if you type in seven down dementia my
will be a number 10 should be in the top
all if you typed in another big tell the
micro pigs
my book will be also probably number one
the Deathly
top three should I in racing pigeons my
book called age and passion
will be number one also in the top three
you can do that on Amazon up columns on
the coat UK
if the actually do that on any book
setting sights you can find on the first
they deserve Google I think yeah I’m so
confident because thats
that’s the principle that’s the whole
system that I explaining the Vegas
helpful do all that and how to create
the results
that I create their daughter letting go
of to it so it it’s just
amazing yeah I’m
just a quick word I am when people
search for you
and just to explain to them because I
know case
you don’t actually say that you’re the
author of the book so if they’re looking
for racing pigeons increased in
not going to find it now I know that you
sort of use what pic what
is common in inviting circles which is
what’s called a pen name
so what when they see the book it will
have a different name but it’s yours
have if you a to book it will be a
different also because I have a note
that the lead in the box a pen name
which as you say very common in the all
says world to
but not a lot of people know that I
haven’t a pen name for my medical books
up a name for my psychological book
up when they of medical books a text
that just said that
yeah I think attending collateral books
have but it is cold and the book and is
called out to the publisher you will see
I am be publishing and that no study she
does look some up
I jokes yeah I me they are they are
number 1 I’ve seen that myself
okay I’m and don’t forget we can have to
link to your
I’m where you actually committed video
yourself where you can be shining
and its failure explaining people
exactly what’s in
in your course um
let’s see questions um
would you suggest that people maybe
choose a topic fair
conduct interested in a passionate about
all really is that
kinda develop in which he say I would
say that it’s still too were totally
irrelevant because that is another thing
but I used to hate that all these
internet marketing selling you although
lax stuff is they would say well just
build a website in something that you
interested then but then I’m interested
in splitting
but I’m not going to earn a lot of money
but a website about swimming so I
already knew that
but I’ve always had a quiet out the oil
spill it
anyway so I always knew that is a role
you don’t need a website meanwhile your
interested in you need to build a
in about other peep but are interested
let alone
I believe in the quote and I love this
I you will get what you want then you
other people up day what and it’s
basically a simple as that
and that’s also the books that I publish
so I find out
what people are looking for everywhere
there are not enough books on the market
to gifted so that’s
it simple as that so yes if you could
write a book if something that you’re
interested in
that is a though orders but it is not a
necessity at all
echoes I i’m events that internet
marketing but I’ve got up self-published
about 70 nine different subjects now so
a call possibly F 79 hope faith so no i
i would say to people
it’s not important what you like it’s
important what
the other people or your customers are
interested in
yeah exactly when you when he started
in a doing this in publishing the book
stood you to conifer
maybe have a I hate straight-out
straight out or did you come maybe make
if you sit mistakes in trial a never
before use if refined
your system I I’m at he went for a
massive data learning curve i
I would imagine a yes &&
a 10 the BIC the things that I learned
I’ve already briefly mentioned it a in
this interview is
a when you type in self-published book
in in Google
you come across all the these people who
pretend to know what they’re doing
and I used to buy from them from several
Latin and published a book
lived other but at after two months %uh
a I would not even see the book anywhere
on any website so they just took my
never published a book talk to me
because you couldn’t find it on the
and again quite a lot of demo %uh that
you find on I
%uh still specialized in a publishing
books in
actual book shop now the all know
that looks at high street shops all
if you owe me want to book are you gonna
go to the High Street get your cup up
the car put money into me to go to the
book and browse the bookshelf
know anymore you just go on Amazon and
type in
the title that you want a book about
imbibe ok whatever that in the next day
you got it
so that’s the wrong thing to focus on
because bookshops a struggling physical
book shops
ugly in backwards low-level people buy
stuff online later than the high street
so it’s a row focus and those
publishing companies now focused still
ok focus
I’ll a books yes of course it’s nice to
have you high cut your book in the high
that well to have my book online felling
then have the book in a
high street shop still not selling big
yeah and that is what I focus on
in my self-publishing training video
was is how to every a book they
and present it all the hundreds of that
site online because
on diet is that people hang out you
don’t want your book that people don’t
hang out
you want your book where people hang out
and having said that
if my publishing method your book
will 0 can also be available in shops
all the bookshelf anywhere though type
in you eyes the end in that computer
and they will be able to by your book to
give to a customer
should a customer walk into want to buy
it if you want it in the high street
its only a phone call away just have to
on the bookshelves
and do some signing a convinced and then
it will also be
in the book shops okay
I’m I think keeping people you know a
great idea of what
your concept is and you know if they
want to find out more about it we’re
going to
office eat alright into like a video
that you present
and with a massive with an explanation
of to take the detail of your calls how
much it costs what’s included
so you know if they’re interested they
can go away and and find out a little
bit more
I’m so I’m just going to kind of sum it
up a little bit because I’ve got
a unique insight in the fact into the
fact that life
yet repainting your course and I really
want to make a comment you personally
which is to sort of thank you because I
it’s a really important point
I have been on online on making money
since 2004 this long time I have to say
when i det the course I’m still doing
the course this is just so
you know this a lot to its but I’m until
you step by step
yes there was a lot in that the I did
however I would be completely lost
without your course and and it’s just a
massive compliment to yourself because
this stuff you feed showing me in the
videos that I i’m just thinking
while I could never have done that well
I would never have known where to go
you you literally telling me what to do
what to write sweat
click watching over your shoulder on
these videos
and I’m just in case I’d be totally lost
you know
even if I thought because I used to have
that mentality
of 0 I’ve got to try find everything for
free on the internet and
you know I it’s not it’s not good I
don’t think that’s a good
good trait in in myself and a lot of
other people have fattened
I actually know that if I went away and
try to do this
and find out bits here and there you
it’s just all therefore you use no time
it would take me years to found all the
Sala just think it’s
saps a lady unbelievable you know it’s
that everything it’s a whole
business I’m so
so thank you for that you know it says
thank you thank you so much for your
works and but what you say it’s true it
is completely different
there is I can guarantee there is
nothing night it on the market
showing you go eight is that what to do
one important thing maybe to mention is
that there’s also this great big
miss concept going on in people’s mind
that publishing books it very expensive
with my method your book will be
published all over the world
in a hard copy book sought 42 pounds
yet else needed here that like that is
42 pounds
have that is all it will cost once you
have your first book
annual ISBN numbers it it is a joke way
compared to these people online that
charge you a thousand pounds to have
your book published
and they don’t actually do anything and
the other very important thing to
mention as well
again you mention it this is a business
that you can scale
to whatever love that you wanted to
scale till
because they’ll no limits yet if
and it is literally I used to absolutely
the word ok to make it income because
people looked
promise it and it would never happen but
the fact that I
actually publish one book after the
other after the other after the other
means that it works because I’m not
DAF I’m not going to keep publishing
books if I’m not earning any money from
it so
that’s also important to mention to
people who this fall
known absolutely no and I stressed as
nobody of any odeon today market is that
I use to believe in
if eva’s shown me there own products
they made and that
another that while but I wanted to be
different and I wanted to make a product
that people
say that lady knows what she’s doing and
even better
she wants to teach us I she’s doing it
and that’s that day what I’m doing so I
thank you babe
let’s play a kind work but it’s and I’m
happy you look at it that way because
that was exactly what I wanted to
for people to buy something that they
actually happy with and able
leaving I just left where you so down to
and direct to be to call it in a very
honest very to write 10
I not come across anyone lightly self
and having bought the course I mean
you know having tunnel you know a lot of
the videos
I i believe in even more having having
through a lot the course now i believe
even more you know I I was anticipating
deficit may I am it would be really good
from everything to hide
I research look 10+2 and and now the I’m
I’m doing a i I’m I’m to stop that you
know it it’s
this this you YouTube review every
little detail
you show how much people can and you you
a completely honest about the fact
you’ve got to put in
some hard work its I absolutely love it
how people while understand how good is
until they actually do it i’ve got to
ask you a
it’s not an awkward question and I’m
sure you’ve been estate
saw thousands of times we we talking
escorts and obviously if a seven to nine
books this is what you do you walk the
I know a lot of people are now thinking
okay why she telling us about this
if you understand what i’m saying to you
I on this that won an upset well
I’m thank you and the first announce it
to invest
2 I’ll just do that the first and I’ll
so as well first two-goal in a way
out of frustration other the frustration
I hate myself
a fell people presenting me with crap
that simply would not work
so I was because I never actually plant
to be an internet marketer
and and it’s only when a a new how much
rubbish there is out there
it I knew I always believed in if
if you are looking for something and you
cannot find it
yourself that means there is a market
for it because if you are looking for a
other people are looking for a bit so
for that reason as I mentioned lately I
wrote my book from you the
to millionaire it for the same reason I
did the video tutorials
a on the self-publishing because I was
looking for something like my videos
%ah and I couldn’t find it so I
immediately knew
there is a market saw it all if I create
videos showing everything that I do
and make people still make the it but
actually see
how to do it all it will be a different
product and that’s also about other
reasons what my product is a
is a big success because everybody who
it goes on and on and on about it how
good it is
so from that point of view yes of course
it is also
making money from the product but I know
I’m helping so many people making money
from it because I
also show examples during speeches that
I do in public
about students that that make money from
I have live testimony some student who
all going to the stage
very proud their books in their hand
showing them the and number one so I’m
know it works I want to make something
that work
out of pure frustration and the second
why it doesn’t matter that other people
are on doing this
because it’s a complete business that
there are no limitations they will
hundreds and thousands of nieces and
stuff nations and sups
japanese Yuka like books about all I’m
very good in finding new nations anyway
an that you know is it’s not really
competition for me I just love
do this sounds weird but as you already
said I am different than most people
I am happy that I can create products
hope customers who bought eight
who well making money with it any what
truly happy I don’t think
test any bit worked on the whole
internet about me
because I’m not like it I give real good
it to people and I just wanna make you
earn money
it’s a simple as that believe it or not
that’s the way it is
II don’t take away
business to myself because in its
the possibilities for funding titles oh
and this and I can find them
I can find 20 titles tomorrow if I put
my mind to it maybe not to buy it will
take me to three days to find them but I
will find them
so I hope that that people believe that
because the is this just got it
is I cannot explain the other way purely
mostly out of frustration that’s put it
that way
up having both so much rubbish I wanted
to be different yeah
on that’s absolutely I me you are you
stand out a mile
so you know I’m I’m ups I mean
i’m looking for to making that money and
getting getting into it myself and I’m
in your right having having started on
it I i see the possibilities
are absolutely enormous
and it’s not like you going to be doing
exactly the same
thing is somebody else I mean the amount
to book titles
evolve out that will could be out there
is is absolutely phenomenal site to
understand what you’re saying I just
had to ask you the questions I know
people a sometimes a little bit
skeptical on the answer thinking well
why would she reveals
I if if he can a guy and so they’re so
yet but close once people buy it they
will see
there was as you said that nothing is
hidden everything is given to you
well the makeup eight is that so yet the
you will know why I do it
then your diet because I create I start
with an idea
in the end result at the end of the
is that idea I started if all over the
web on hundreds and hundreds a book
website that’s the result
so 0 ice show people the results it’s
different than anybody else
know exactly i mean I’m i’m following it
you fetch the
showed us how to come up with ideas but
you know actually
this is a difference you’re not just
saying okay
go away do this do that now you go way
to display see do this
actually I’m and we haven’t quite
specifically set this
but you Vashti come up with a ninety a
specific idea
and what you love ending in the videos
too so f1 and stand this
gold then literally shops time
writing out /div div various job
descriptions the titles
you’re showing where you’ve gone to get
the coveted signed in
and with saying the cuff that we
literally watching you
built your book a to say it step-by-step
and all the people it to you hope it’s
for you when you getting it back and you
need to show you those people are and
where to go
so people can actually go to write to
you know older people who can write the
books to sign the covers and and do the
whole lot
and at the end debate your you’re going
on to Google you’re showing us
that your number wall on you on Amazon
you’re not number one there
it’s a real book that you taking a suit
8 said and in the process you shining s
every single bit of detail and
everything you need to know in its
it’s all there for people so its it’s
truly tacky different
I’m I think we’ve taken apart lot of
your time in its
it’s so much appreciated and I think
we’ve poppycock
the whole idea i 55 its people if they
want to find out more
just look below the audio and or the
video we can have in the cup if
different formats
I sit together out as many people in
some people prefer to listen some people
like to watch soap
below and you will find a link and that
will take you to
Christine’s page where she will be
I’m showing us on on video should be
taught taking you
show you examples of I think two or
three if have
real books and you tend after see them
on i’ma send
and I T shows you that and she dismissed
has a massive T telling of what all the
videos are what’s included
say chick chill tell you for in much
more detail than we doing here
but I just wanted to you know I know
people out there a struggling we’re in
the middle of this this crisis in
and even if we know in the mid of crisis
it doesn’t matter this is
an amazing way to you can work from home
you can I’m you can have your job if you
still want at your job in be doing this
in your pop
you know part time it’s whatever you
want to make a pit that’s the great
to a bit of work get your titles out
they get your products out there
getting to number one 1 like at like
Kristen will show you
and then for years for years you can sit
back and you’ve got an ETA
an income coming in on autopilot issue
on all the bookstores
that is and it she sells itself so
and Christine I think we’re just wrap up
but I’ll stay out
I just go over to you and say is stare
anything else you
you might want to add all %um perhaps
Phil we’ve which may stop I’m not sure
maybe one important thing to mention the
video on the
on the page a like stay so the the train
a it’s about 20 minutes long
do plays the weather is going to go to
death knight watched a 20-minute video
it will only take 20 minutes up-to-date:
but it will be worth it
and you it’s important you watch it till
the end
simply because you will then hopefully
be convinced that
it can X the also work for you it will
work for you
chief lol the videos any the 20 minutes
watching a video can
literally change your life because you
can easy to build a full count
hope full-time Inc don’t have it very
yeah I mean you know you play to fix a
exactly we’re not gonna get instant side
I wanna came to unicef
oh you can make this and you can make
that and you know it does depend on the
person but
what i’m looking at days
definitely getting five books done
that’s my minimum target
I’m with five books of the simplest put
this out there to people
you’re going to make more 10
the average wage if UT Fife if you have
five books
I and then they’re out there earning you
money feat for years to come
teaches think how much you know
christie’s got 79 its it he can make a
an awful lot of money from this
it’s your choice and gotta put in some
hard work
but dick on a two-set system I’m just
thirty you know about I’m of their doing
it myself
and Christine’s you not just just
pining the mound and and doing very well
from it so I’m
yeah I think we’ll just perhaps wrap it
up in
11 will think we need one more thing go
for it I K
that you haven’t mentioned yet my whole
publishing system
can also the employer applied for people
at their listing
and that have written them the
themselves if you owe it all to
you have written a book and his little
publishing thing was always just too
scary for you
or too expensive least praised
get the videos because you no eyes will
n you will say Wow didn’t know this
and cause I didn’t know that was
possible and the say
it applies to you of ought to quit all
you can publish your book
gold why so you know don’t be mistaken
its it it’s possible also just use if
you like of the end you have a book
although the they can even if it’s a
novel fiction or non-fiction
whatever it is it’s a self-publishing
Justin whatever book it is that’s very
important to mention because they didn’t
mention that yet so
thank you very much for this interview
it was a pleasure for me to be here
and I do the open other people will take
simply not for me play itself because he
can make a big difference
in your income okay Christie thanks ever
so much
and best wishes to you for the future
okay but I think it okay
by the future okay but I think it okay


How to Write & Self-Publish a Children’s Book : Printing Costs for Publishing a Children’s Book

Hi! I’m Angela Sage Larsen. On behalf of expertvillage. com, today, we’re going totalk about publishing your own children’s story. Please visit my web site at petalwinkthefairy. com. Since you’re the publisher of your story, it’s important to determine which printingoption best suits your story. The vague idea about cost, that is where all comes down tobecause generally you’re going to pay more with a traditional printer, but for what youare paying for, you’re also going to get a little bit more control over the quantity,the quality, and the size. You might save a little bit by going online if you want fewerfor quantity, although, you might pay more per book you will not have as many optionsand you might be limited to the size of your book. Your desktop computer, you print outfrom there, it’s just a matter of how much is your time worth.


Electronic Self-Publishing: Making the Right Decision

The world of publishing is changing. Just a few years ago, it seemed a book was a book. You could pick it up, open it,write on it, and stash it on a shelf. Today, however, technology is changing all that. Now, books don’t necessarily have to be physical objects;they can be computer files designed to be read electronically. These e-books, as they are called,are growing in popularity with the adventof affordable devices like e-readers, cell phones,and tablets that make buying and reading e-books easy. When you think about it, there are a lot of advantages to e-books. For one thing, no matter how many you carry,they will never weigh more than the device used to carry them,and most devices have enough storage capacity to hold hundredsor even thousands of books. Secondly, as long as you are connected to the internet,you can buy books anytime you wantwithout having to go to the bookstore. On a sleepless night, you can even buy the sequelto the thriller you’ve just finished in bedto find out what happens to your favorite detective. And because e-books don’t require any paper or ink to produceor trucks to deliver around the country,they conserve resources. And lastly, because the text of an e-book is in a digital format,it can be converted at the touch of a buttoninto forms the visually impaired can use:forms that include a high-contrast, large-size font;text converted into speech;and text shown by a refreshable Braille display. With these changes come new opportunitiesfor writers hoping to get their books to readers. It used to be that, if you wanted your bookto reach a wide audience, you’d have to contract with a publisherin order to finance the printing, distribution, and advertising of your book. But with electronic publishing and new opportunitiesto distribute your work online, you can now produceyour very own book for a minimal investment. But is electronic self-publishing the right thing for your book?This video will explain the various factors involvedin making that decision. When it comes to publishing, there isn’t one right methodthat works for every author and every book. Different kinds of books have different requirementsfor making the journey from the author’s mindto the reader’s hands. For example, children’s books usually have lots of pictures,so the publishing process will involve an illustratorand, most likely, color reproductions of the artwork,but novels don’t usually have pictures,so their production demands are simpler. Also, different authors have different reasons for writing–some write exclusively to make money,others write for recognition,and others write in order to disseminate their ideas–and all of these reasons affect which publishing method might be best. Furthermore, who the intended audience iscan also make a difference. Parents of toddlers are more likely to purchasetheir kids books printed on sturdy cardboardthan e-books that must be displayed on expensive, fragile devices. As we discuss the various options available for publishing,try to keep in mind what kind of book you wish to publish. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written the book yet or not;just hold your real or imagined bookin your thoughts as we go, and consider howthe various publishing methods might help or hinderyour progress to achieving your goal. Consider the content of your book:Does your book require pictures, charts, graphs,special typefaces, or the use of copyrighted material?Your purpose for writing:Are you writing primarily to make money,or is profit an unnecessary though welcome bonus?Are you trying to entertain people,or are you writing to change the way people think about a topic?Your audience:Who do you hope to reach with your bookand what do you know about their book-obtaining habits?Do you have your book in mind? Good. The best way to decide what publishing method is rightfor you is to look at both the traditional publishing processand the electronic self-publishing processside by side. By examining how the two methods differ,we’ll be able to identify the advantagesand disadvantages of either method. First, let’s look at the traditional publishing process. Though this process can vary in lots of ways,it typically looks something like this:In traditional publishing, the first stepis to write a book, or at least enough of a bookto submit to publishers for consideration. The next step is to find a publisher,which is a process that can be long and arduous,taking months or even years. Some publishers accept submissions from anyonewhile others require that you submit your work through an agent. If you choose to use an agent, you must firstfind one willing to represent you. The advantage of this method is that a good agent knows the marketand already has relationships with many publishing houses;he or she can be instrumentalin getting a publisher to accept your work. However, if your book does sell,your agent will get a cut of the proceeds. Regardless of whether you submit your work yourselfor through an agent, this step of the process endswith you signing a contract with a publisher. Once your book has been accepted, you will most likely workwith an editor to improve your book. Your editor will read your manuscriptand make suggestions or even demands about changesthat can make the book more readable,more correct, more beautiful,and just more in line with what the publisher thinks will sell. Depending on the content, your book may also need to gothrough an extensive fact-checking processto ensure your book is accurate and free of libel–your publisher’s reputation may be riding on what you’ve written,so don’t be surprised if they want to checkevery quotation and statistic for accuracy. Also, you might work with an illustrator or graphic designerto create pictures, charts, graphs,or other visual elements if your book demands it,and the legal department will have to obtain clearanceto use any copyrighted material you’ve included. As this part of the process winds down,your work will also be thoroughly proofreadto ensure it contains no grammar or punctuation errors. In the next step of the process, your book will then beprofessionally typeset, and a cover will be designed for it. Proofs of your formatted book will be producedand thoroughly checked to ensure that no typographical errorshave crept in and that the typesetting meets the standardsof the publisher. Next, your book will be printed, bound,and distributed to bookstores for sale. Nowadays, your book may also be turned into an e-bookand sold online. The last step of the process is to market your book:The publisher will most likely do some kind of marketingto help your book sell. This might include putting advertisements in magazines,online, and in bookstores;getting reviews of your book published in newspapers;arranging a book tour; and more. Marketing ensures that potential readers knowabout your book, and successful marketing can leadto second printings, second editions, and second-book deals. Overall, by following the traditional methodyou ally yourself with a lot of horsepower. Publishing houses have extensive resources to ensureyour book has the best chance of being read. However, there are gatekeepers that might bar you from accessif they don’t like your work,and all the people involved in the process need to be paid,which can cut into your profits. Now that we have an idea of how things go traditionally,let’s consider the process you might followif you choose to electronically publish your book yourself. Just as in the traditional process,the first step is to write a book. Once you have a completed manuscript,there’s no need to submit it to an agent or a publisher,because you are publishing it yourself. Similarly, no one will require that you edit your book,though no one will stop you either if you want to do so. Because no one’s reputation but your own is ridingon the content of your book, it’s entirely up to youhow much time you spend refining your manuscript,adding visual elements, or checking your facts. Beware, though, because laws concerning copyright infringementand libel still apply when you self-publish. The next required step is to format your bookfor electronic distribution. In order for users to be able to download and thenactually read your book using an e-reader likean iPad, Nook, or Kindle,your book must be in an acceptable file format. Think about it this way:when you create documents on your computer,the word processing program gives you some optionsabout what file format to use when saving your work. Popular formats include . doc, . docx,. rtf, . pages, and . pdf. If you’ve ever downloaded a document from the internetthat was in a file format that your computer software didn’t recognize,you probably couldn’t open the document to read it. It’s the same with e-books. Each e-reader can recognize and use different file formats,and which one you use depends on where you want toeventually publish your book and how your readerswant to access it. There are over a dozen file formats to choose from,each with unique characteristics,but two of the most popular today are ePUB and AZW. ePUB is an open-source format createdby the International Digital Publishing Forum,and it can be used by almost every major e-reader on the marketincluding the Apple iPad and iPhone,the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Sony Reader,and any Android phone. In fact, the only major device that doesn’t support ePUBis the Amazon Kindle, which uses its own proprietary format, AZW. This may make it sound like Amazon’s AZW formatisn’t as widespread or as useful, but the truth is thatalmost any device can use this format by downloadinga free Kindle reading app. iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs, Blackberries, Android phones,and Windows 7 phones can all run the Kindle reading app,and thus users with these devices can buy and read booksin AZW format from Amazon. com,the largest bookseller in the world. Getting your book into an appropriate formatcan be as hand-on or hands-off a process as you want. You can do all the work by hand if you like to be in full control;you can use any of a large numberof both free and proprietary computer programsthat can automatically format your book,or you can even pay someone else to do it for you. We’ll cover these options in more detail in a later tutorial. Lastly, you must placeyour book somewhere where people can access it. This can involve posting it to a personal website,or it can involve distributing your book through an e-tailersuch as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Apple. In any case, you have the option of givingyour book away for free or charging readers for access. If you decide to charge for your book and chooseto sell it through a company like Amazon,you’ll be required to enter into an agreementwith the seller about how the profits will be split. You’ll also have to agree to assume legal responsibilityif your book infringes on someone else’s copyright. Currently, Amazon and Barnes & Noble offera 65 or 70% royalty for books priced between $2. 99 and $9. 99and 35-40% royalty for books outside that range. Apple offers 70% for any book you sell. Though marketing is not a required step,you can make efforts to get your book’s name out therefor people to see,though you’ll have to finance any marketing you do yourself. As you can see, the self-publishing routehas fewer required steps, and it puts you morein control of many aspects of the process. If you’ve had your own book in mind up to this point,perhaps you can already see the advantages and disadvantagesof either method concerning your specific needs. But let’s take a closer look. When you choose to self-publish electronically,you give up automatic access tothe professional editing process,fact-checking services,professionally produced visuals,the legal clearance of copyrighted material,professional typesetting and book design,and the marketing machine publishers have in place to sell your book. However, just because you don’t have access to these thingsthrough a large publishing housedoesn’t mean you don’t have access to these things at all. There are plenty of freelance editors, fact-checkers, graphic designers,lawyers, and typesetters that you can hire to help you,and there are plenty of books and classes that can teachyou how to perform these roles yourself. And if you don’t think your book needs these things,you don’t have to have them. On the other hand, when you choose to self-publish electronically,you gain the following things:access to readers without gatekeeperssuch as agents or editors barring the way,control over your work including what words you writeand how they are displayed,a higher percentage of any profit your book creates,and the advanced functionalityand accessibility that e-books offer,including multimedia content and options for users with disabilities. However, just as the disadvantages can be overcome,the advantages come with caveats. While you won’t be barred from publicationby editors with the bottom line in mind,by self-publishing you lose the credibility that comesfrom publishing through an established name. This could really hurt your ethos as a writer,especially if you are aiming at a scholarly audience. Also, even though you might get a higher cut of each sale,without the marketing power of a big publisher,your overall sales might be lower,meaning less money in the long run. And since publishers can also produce e-books,the advantages of functionality and accessibilityaren’t unique to self-publishing. In the end, what you decide to do should be driven primarilyby the demands of your book’s content,your goals as an author,and the audience you hope to reach. If you need access to what a traditional publisher can offer,go that way. It’s a method that has worked for many years,and may just work for you. If, on the other hand, you don’t foreseeany specific need for a traditional publisher,or you want to maintain control over your work,or you just want to try your hand at something new,electronic self-publishing might be the right option for you. It’s an exciting, evolving field,with new developments happening all the time.


How to Write & Self-Publish a Children’s Book : How to Write a Children’s Story

Hi! I’m Angela Sage Larsen. On behalf of expertvillage. com, today, we’re going totalk about publishing your own children’s story. Please visit my website at petalwinkthefairy. com. Now, here comes the most important part of writing your children’s story, which iswriting your children story. There are a couple of questions that you’re going to want toconsider, so I’m going to present those questions to you to answer for yourself, butI’ll also tell you a little bit about what I thought about when I wrote my book PetalwinkLearns to Fly. First, you’re going to want to think about who is your reader. Who isthis book for? Now for myself, I thought of my ideal reader as myself as a little girlbecause I remember the feeling that I had when I believed in fairies and when I letmy imagination roam and go wild. It was such a fun feeling so I wanted to impart that feelingto other little girls. So as I was writing, I kept thinking about what I was thinkingabout when I was six or seven-year-old little girl. You also want to think about what youwant to say. Does your book have a message? Is it for a special cause or is it just analphabet book or a counting book? So you just want to keep thinking about what is that youwant this to say. Every time you’re writing a page or writing a word, does this word ordoes this sentence support your overall vision for the book. You also want to think aboutwhose voice is it in. When I wrote the Petalwink book, I debated do I want Petalwink to tellher story or do I want it to be a narrator. It turned out, that it was a narrator thattold the story. It’s also a fun to think about what if the main character of your storywas telling the story, as if it were an autobiography. You want to think about is it character drivenor is it plot driven. The differences between the two is, if you have a very well-developedcharacter, it doesn’t matter what circumstance they’re in, your story is going to enfoldas to how the character reacts to the circumstances. On the other hand, if your story is plot driven,it’s all about the action what happens next. You want to think about how long your storyis. It’s important for children’s stories that it’s something that they can read inone sitting. Is it a bedtime story; is it something for the daytime? Think about howlong it should be. Also, in thinking about the creative process, remember that it’simportant to keep going. Set aside time to write everyday, and if there is not time towrite, then you can consider that your incubation process. Incubation just means that you’regoing to take a break and you are going to let it sit, and when you come back to it it’sgoing to be fresh and you will be newly inspired. The important thing is don’t incubate toolong, you always want to go back and make sure you finish your story.

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